manufacturer/factory/supplier/company of mesh filter socks from China

mesh filter socks

Shanghai INDRO offers mesh filter socks made of monofilament nylon mesh from 25 to 1500 micron.

mesh filter socks


1. Detailed Description Of mesh filter socks

Size: 7*17”,7*32”,4*9”,4*15”, 6*22”, other size can be custom made.

Micro rating: 25-1500 micro.

Filter Bag structure:

A) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ sewn(stitched) metal ring filter bag top.

C) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ drawstring top

Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.

2. Features Of mesh filter socks  


-Easy to replace.

-Manufacturer of mesh filter socks

3. Related item of mesh filter socks

3-1. Micron filter bags for liquid filtration

INDRO Material and Micron Ratings: for all your liquid filter bags requirements

Polypropylene felt bags: 1-300 micron

Polyester felt bags: 1-300 micron

Nylon mesh bags: 25-800 micron

High temperature micron rating bags: Nomex felts /ptfe(Teflon felt) in most micron ratings

3-2. INDRO Liquid filter bag Size

#1 7"x17"                    Sewn/Welded

#2 7"x32"                    Sewn/Welded

#3 4"x8"                      Sewn/Welded

#4 4"x14"                    Sewn/Welded

#5 6"x22"             Sewn/Welded

3-3. INDRO Liquid filter bag top type

Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain

4. Applications Of mesh filter socks

Widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, paints, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, inks, resins, water treatment and other fields.


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May 24, 2018
Hi, I hope all is well. I have a customer who is looking to get Poly mesh filters. Currently they are using one that is drawstring, 8inch in diameter and about 60inches long. Do you carry these with a drawstring? They told me they are looking for a more dense material and sent me a sample of what they have but honestly I have any idea what micron size they have now. I can send pics if that helps any.